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Electronic security signalization (EZS) - MS Elektro Olomouc

EZS – electronic security signalization is a system of security sensors (detectors) distributed in the building in such a way to safely guard the entrances in the building – doors, windows, etc. It raises the alarm by transmitting the information to the centralised security booth, or by sounding the horn in the building where the act of trespassing occurs or in case of fire. The system is able to control itself by raising the alarm in the event of unauthorised attempt at its disconnection. In case of power outage, the EZS remains powered from its own backup power supply (UPS) for up to 16 hours.

The security equipment input is fitted with the motion detectors, glass-breakage detectors, smoke detectors, water detectors, etc. These detectors are installed according to the nature and intended use of the particular building.

EZS is designed to monitor the following:

  • motion detection
  • door opening
  • window breakage
  • fire

When any of the sensors evaluates (alarm) intrusion, they will transmit the signal to the central booth, which will raise the alarm if the intrusion is identified as unauthorised.

The alarm may be raised in the following events:

  • unauthorised person enters the guarded building
  • fire emergence

The alarm is given by a horn, usually installed in an inaccessible place with the best possible audibility (e.g. to warn the surrounding houses). Information about the alarm may be transmitted to the centralised security booth - PCO and, based on the service you have purchased, either the intervention squad will be sent to the building or a contact person advised of the act of trespassing.

The data transfer is currently provided for by a majority of the existing security system exchanges. The exchanges must be completed with communication devices which guarantee the transmission of information to the central security booth.

Communication device between EZS and PCO

The most usual types of devices:
  • Radio transmitters
  • Telephone line

Example of a family house securing

Methods applied by the security system for informing the owner

The EZS system may inform the owner about the events in several ways, which may be combined at will, namely:
    acoustic alarm - horn
  • indoor
  • outdoor
    optical signals
  • beacon
    telephone communicator via landline
The security system will give you a call on your mobile (phone) or will send you an SMS. It can also contact the security agency which will intervene in case of alarm.

The new security device will give a call on your phone to tell you in Czech voice message which zone(s) raised the alarm. Thus, you will have a perfect view of where the unauthorised person currently is. In addition, you may press the button on your phone to switch on/off the alarm or open the gate or garage door, etc.

EZS system control

    The system may be controlled in several ways which will become your every day routine, namely
  • LCD keyboard
  • graphic keyboard
  • touch keypad (new)
  • remote controller
  • via phone

EZC installation modes

  • various enlargements of the system
  • maintenance-free operation
  • cable lines installation required (preferably concealed under plaster, during construction or conversion of the building)
  • no cable lines required
  • fast and clean installation
  • regular maintenance required (exchange of batteries every three years)

Schematic overview of the EZS system

PCO connection

In this part, the customer is supplied with the installation of the communication device and setting of the information transmission based on the requirements set out in the contract. The contract delineates the type and setting of the selected service, describes the guarded building/facility, procedure for the inspection of the facility by the intervention squad, optional and additional services and other necessary issues.

If any other security agency is required to be contacted, the particular conditions must be negotiated with the very security agency.

The entire security device is powered from the 230 V AC mains, and backed up by the integrated UPS which can maintain the operation of the device for at least 16 hours if the device is connected to a point with permanent attendance (PCO). If this device is not connected to a permanently attended point, it must be secured with stand-by accumulators for a period of 64 hours at minimum.

In conclusion, please note that the EZS cannot fully replace the use of mechanical protection devices (e.g. locks, bars, cages, etc.). The use of mechanical protection devices is a very important factor, in combination with the EZS it provides the most effective security equipment used for the protection of property.

If you need to compile an inquiry for the EZS system, do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales representative will help you to process your inquiry.

Schematic overview of the EZS system

M/S Elektro CZ s.r.o.
Přerovská 39
783 71 Olomouc - Holice
The Czech Republic
phone.: 585 75 16 66

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